Operators Licence Compliance Training

Many business owners often don't realise the legal obligations that go hand in hand with Operators Licensing and many people who attend our compliance training are completely new to operating HGV & PSV vehicles, they find that our training provides an excellent understanding of what is required from a business by Operator Licensing.

Those that have a basic understanding of legal and legislative obligations can sometimes be put off operating vehicles altogether! After attending our compliance training they realise that running their vehicles compliantly and worry free is not so difficult, and is always a lot easier than trying to get away with non-compliance.

Our compliance course covers everything you need to know and there is always the opportunity to ask as many questions as you want

Transport Managers also have a lot to gain from attending the course. We often find that CPC holders haven't been in a situation which allows them to keep up-to-date with new and changes to legislation and it's not for a lack of experience, it's simply that the goalposts have changed. This training is designed to act as an excellent refresher as it covers all the main points of running vehicles within a business.

Our course is suitable for everyone looking to comply with Operator Licensing

Operators Licence Compliance

Course Overview

This one day course is aimed at business owners and Transport Managers that require familiarization with their legal responsibilities with regard undertakings on an operators licence.

The course has been designed to raise awareness of a Transport Manager's responsibilities with regard to the requirements of legislation.

The course provides not only an understanding of how things can go wrong, but a much deeper understanding of how to keep your vehicles legal. Basically everything a Transport Manager should know to keep legal and safe.

This course is also suitable for those who are at risk of losing their Operators Licence due to non-compliance.

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