Drivers Certificate of Professional Competence

Compulsory qualification for professional drivers
driving a vehicle 3.5 Tonnes or above

The Drivers Certificate Of Professional Competence (DCPC) came into force on 10th September 2008 for bus and coach drivers and 10th September 2009 for LGV drivers, from now on anyone who drives professionally for a living must complete 35 hours of periodic training every five years and any new drivers who acquired a vocational entitlement (C1,C1+E,C OR C+E licence) after 10th September 2009 will have had to obtain an initial CPC in addition to their licence.

Coach and bus drivers have until 9th September 2013 to complete 35 hours of periodic training and get their Driver Qualification Card (DQC)
All LGV drivers have until 9th September 2014 to complete 35 hours of periodic training and get their Driver Qualification Card (DQC).

A Benefit to you....

As a professional driver you have a special responsibility, not just to yourself but to other road users, you can meet that responsibility and set a good example by driving safely and the drivers CPC is championing road safety by ensuring all professional drivers refresh their skills regularly.

Driver training is important, both for new and existing drivers. Regularly updating your skills to take in safer and more efficient techniques will help: reduce injuries and fatalities, reduce congestion resulting from accidents, reduce damage to vehicles, reduce vehicle repair downtime, reduce your insurance premiums and ensure you comply with current legislation.

REMEMBER—Professional Drivers are Champions of Safety and require great skill to carry out your job, so many skills that they all need to be refreshed at sometime, the Drivers CPC is ensuring that these Skills you have worked so hard to obtain are fresh in your mind every time you get into your vehicle.


Our standard Drivers CPC training cost is £88.75 pp + VAT charged at the current rate. We do however offer bespoke packages dependent on the clients requirements

All our prices include course literature, refreshments and upload fees, venue and dates requested*

(if date requested is not available you will be offered any free available dates we have)

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