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26.06.2011 – Critcial Acclaim

NTP Have joined the Training Service Providers Directory where our courses are independently reviewed by the critics that matter, the people who take part in our training! Follow the link to read to see how we're doing.

04.06.2010 – Driving the price up

National Newspaper reports the real COST of Drivers CPC

Yesterday a national newspaper published an article about why the costs of Drivers CPC will rise if drivers choose not to start undertaking Drivers CPC training now...here is the full story....

"The clock is ticking for truck drivers who have yet to start their compulsory Driver CPC training. Introduced last September, the Driver CPC (Certificate of Professional Competence) aims to improve standards of driving and safety in the road haulage industry.

Drivers who hold a category C, (rigid), or C+E (articulated) LGV licence must complete 35 hours of periodic training every five years.

While some have started their training, others appear to be delaying it until nearer to the 2014 deadline, says Karen from a training company covering North Wales and Merseyside. “Our concern is that if too many drivers leave their training until the last minute, demand will rise, creating a sellers’ market and increasing costs,” she said. And cost is a factor, especially where drivers are paying for their own training. Costs are also a concern for employers who are footing the training bill. Driving jobs have been lost in the recession and more could follow, making bosses wary of investing in staff training. But there are clear business benefits from having a Driver CPC qualified workforce says Belinda, MD of a West Yorkshire training company. She said “Firms could make bet¬ter use of the training by looking at problem areas, which could be tachographs or pre-use inspections and sending drivers on the relevant CPC module. Some experienced drivers may feel they have little to learn. Karen of a Manchester based training firm said “Everyone needs a refresher course, especially where they’ve been doing a job for a long time”.

Based on the article above NTP Services Limited’s advice is to spread the 35 hours and the costs over five years, complet¬ing one seven hour training session per year, NTP Services run a scheme called the ‘5 Year Scheme’, everyone is entitled to join the 5 year scheme when they undertake training with NTP and by doing so we will guarantee that the cost to you will NOT increase in the next 5 years while you undertake training with us*

* Total cost will vary if the rate of VAT changes but the standard sale price will not change. Contract required. No fee is charged for the 5 year scheme.

To book onto a Drivers CPC course with NTP Services Limited
call us on 01406 424922 or email bookings@ntpservices.co.uk

16.04.2010 – Website Changes

Our website is going to be down for 7-10 days during the end of April while it is redesigned, when our new one goes live please let us know what you think by rating it using our feedback form on the links page.  In the meantime you can keep up to date by following us on Twitter and joining us on Facebook.

For all enquires please call us on 01406 424922.
Our office opening hours are 9:00am – 5:00pm

01.04.2010 – April Fools Day

Happy April Fools Day…hope you are all having fun playing practical jokes today!! I have already been got this morning, I was convinced by certain people (not mentioning any names) that I had won the lottery…turns out I haven’t! Anyway just a quick note to remind you to keep up to date with April Fools Mayhem by following us on twitter. Have a great day!

15.03.2010 – New Rules For Transport Managers

New Rules for Transport Managers CPC
The new regulation (1071/2009/EC) more specifically requires that companies intent on carrying out road goods or road passenger transport operations must designate a transport manager who has proven high-quality standards of professional competence, acquired by means of training and examination. This is the person who needs to have a designated responsibility for managing, effectively and continuously, the transport activities of an undertaking

Where rules apply
Specifically, the new regulations state that they shall apply, as now, to road transport undertakings that operate vehicles exceeding 3.5 tons permissible laden mass but exclude operations involving vehicles of a lower weight.
Also, to overcome the practice that has grown over the recent years in the UK transport operators utilising the services of part-time transport managers who, by holding a CPC offer their services to operators who otherwise would not be able to meet the CPC requirements for an O-licence. The new regulations have homed in strongly on the employment aspects of transport managers and have set limitations on the scale of operation for which they will be permitted to be responsible.
The rule allows a qualified transport manager to effectively and continuously manage the activities of up to 4 different undertakings only, having a combined maximum total fleet of 50 vehicles. The designated transport manager must have a genuine link to the undertaking in question by, in each case, being an employee, a director, the owner, shareholder or administrator of the undertaking. In any event, the transport manager must be a natural person, i.e. the function cannot be fulfilled by a corporate entity such as a limited liability company. This measure is expected to finally put a cap on a situation that has proliferated over many years whereby independent CPC holders have sold the services to many different operators, often taking responsibility for large numbers of vehicles scattered across the country and which they rarely ever see – a scenario the Traffic Commissioners have long frowned upon.

Tighten the rules relating to good repute
The new regulations reiterate the current requirements in regard to good repute for both operators (i.e. O-licence holders) and transport managers. However, they go further than the present rules in specifying a wider range of convictions and penalties that will damage good repute; for example. for serious infringements of national rules regarding commercial and insolvency law, pay and employment conditions, professional liability, trafficking in human beings or drugs and offences relating to initial and periodic training of professional drivers (i.e. the Driver CPC) presumably by employing drivers who do not meet the Driver CPC requirements.

To take effect in December 2010

01.02.10 - Events Calendar Live!

Please visit our events page to view our up and coming training events.
View our live calendar to see where we have spaces available.

Currently we have 10 spaces on a our Drivers CPCcourse running in Brigg on Sunday 14th March ' 10 and 3 Spaces available on Saturday 13th March '10 on our course running in Methringham, Lincoln. If you would like to book onto one of these courses please call us on 01406 424922. Prices are £80 per person, price includes all DVLA upload fees, course literature and light refreshments.

28.01.10 - New Laws for Mirrors

By March 31 2009, all vehicles over 3.5 tonnes that were first registered between January 1, 2000 and January 26, 2007 must be fitted with improved visibility rear view mirrors. The EU Directive 2007/38/EC states that all in scope vehicles must be equipped on the near side with mirrors or such devices to improve the field of vision. This can be achieved as follows:

  • One wide-angle mirror and one close proximity mirror that provide the required field of view.
  • One exterior rear view mirror and one wide angle mirror which combine to give the appropriate field of view.
  • One wide-angle mirror and one close proximity mirror which combine to give the appropriate field of view.
  • One mirror, which acts as both a wide angle and close proximity mirror and provides the appropriate field of view.
  • Any other device.

Option E, may be another suitable device such as a rear view camera (CCTV).

06.01.10 - Our Phone Number Has Changed

From today our telephone number has changed to 01406 424922, all our other details remain the same. Our offices are open Monday - Friday 9:00 am - 5:00 pm